When you start talking about migrating a site out of BC, it can sound like a lot of work, there are many factors to consider. We've been working hard to provide you with tools to make migrations faster to achieve.

You can import all of the following with the click of a button to Siteglide:

  • Full WebApp Import - all webapp structure and WebApp item database, including maintaining datasources & categories.
  • URL Redirects - Import a csv file
  • WebApp items - import csv files to populate your WebApps

One click import features we're working on:

  • Full Assets Folder - one click import a zip of all your assets
  • Pages - Including SEO fields
  • CRM - Contacts

How do you get your site data out of BC?

BC Exporter is guanteed to save you time and hassle and it exports more of your website than you can do manually. In fact, BC Exporter exports all the data that the BC APIs allow + Media Downloads and it wraps it all up for you in one .zip file which is easy to download and transfer as you see fit. Get started with BC Exporter here:


1.  Export your BC site using BCExporter

2. Create a fresh site on Siteglide

3. Import your assets

4. Copy your page Templates

5. One click import your WebApps and Categories

6. Copy your page content

7. Copy your WebApp List & Detail Layouts

8. Build your menus

9. Create your Forms & copy layouts

10. Import your URL redirects

11. Put your site live

Design System

1. Buy BCExporter ZIP

2. Pick Layouts in Figma

3. Customise Design

4. Create Site in Portal

5. Install Required Modules

6. Bulk Upload Images*

7. 1-click WebApp Import

8. 1-click Category Import

9. Create Pages/Content

10. Customise Layouts

11. URL Redirect Import

12. Simple Go Live Process


1. Buy BCExporter ZIP

2. Create Site in Portal

3. Install Template/Grid

4. Bulk Upload Images*

5. 1-click WebApp Import

6. 1-click Category Import

7. Create Pages/Content

8. Create Custom Code

9. Create Layouts

10. URL Redirect Import

11. Simple Go Live Process

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