Modules are pre-built WebApps with extra functionality we have built-in, that you can choose to install and start using on any Siteglide site in seconds. Here are some of the modules available today:

Blog & News: Create and manage blog articles on your website with ready-made categories for filtering, searching and archiving. Find out more: Blog Module Introduction

Authors: Use authors in conjunction with the Blog or Events modules to display who has written a piece of content or who is hosting an Event. Find out more: Authors Module Introduction

eCommerce: Create, manage and sell products online with our eCommerce module. Fully equipped with orders, payment gateway integration, subscriptions, tax and discount codes. Find out more: Getting Started with Siteglide eCommerce

Events: Attract attendees for both online and physical events. Display information with a range of views including List, Calendar and Map while managing tickets and orders. Find out more: Events Module Introduction

FAQ: Add FAQs to your website with a range of layouts to attract visitor attention. Find out more: FAQ Module Introduction

Media Downloads: Upload secure content to your site and control access on a per-user basis to maintain its value. Find out more: Media Downloads Module Introduction

Menu Builder: Included on all sites by default, Menu Builder enables you to point-and-click create and customise dynamic menus on your site. Find out more: Menus Introduction

Secure Zones: Secure pages and content on your site behind locked zones and have users sign up to gain access. Users can also create their own unique username and password. Find out more: Secure Zones Module Introduction

Studio: Studio by Siteglide offers a best practice, Bootstrap 5 based, design and development process to rapidly build far more than just websites. Install this module on your site to integrate Studio layouts. Find out more: Studio by Siteglide Introduction

Testimonials: Add Testimonials to your site quickly and easily, output these onto your site to share what your customers think. Find out more: Testimonials Module Introduction

Slider: Add images and content to ready-made slider layouts on your site for anything from galleries to reviews. Find out more: Slider Module Introduction

Installing modules

Modules are installed per site, which gives you granular control over the content for each of your sites.

To view a full list of modules available to you, head over to the Site Settings page of any site. From here you can install new modules or update existing ones.

Custom Module Layouts

When installed, each module will include a Default layout. If you have Design System installed on your site, it will include any available Design System layouts for the module.

If you'd like to create a custom layout, or tweak a Design System layout to better fit your branding, you will need to create a fresh layouts folder.

Updating Modules

Read our Module Update Policy to find out how to update a Module

Using Modules

Once you have installed a module to your site, it will be added to the Admin Menu automatically.

Most modules can be found within the "Modules" dropdown, however, there are exceptions to this. You can find out the specific location of each Module on the relevant doc pages.

You can create custom layouts for modules within Code Editor. For information on folder structures, check the relevant doc page for the Module.

You can output modules using Toolbox, or alternatively, you can find the related liquid on the relevant Module doc pages.

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