Website Import Service

We offer a $50 Website Import Service to help you migrate websites from other platforms/hosting to Siteglide.

Please read the full details for more information:

The $50 payment is only refundable if we deem the import to have not copied the front end of the website exactly.

The imported website will be deleted after 7 days if the annual hosting has not been paid for.

The annual hosting cost can be found on our pricing page (likely to only require the Starter Plan). We may however offer special promotions and discounts which will automatically be applied on the payment page.

The import service simply copies the front end website and does not copy any platform functionality. It will take the design, code, content and rebuild the pages in Siteglide.

If you require additional functionality or development work we will recommend our approved Siteglide Experts. Siteglide does not offer development services.

By requesting the Website Import Service you agree to our End User Licence Agreement and all terms of business.

The tool can only import public facing content - any securely protected content/code/assets such as behind login areas cannot be imported.

The tool will not set up any Siteglide functionality other than Pages in the CMS (you have total control over what functionality you choose to use).

Based on the above you would need to import the missing elements manually.

The tool is designed to assist with the migration process of websites not fully replace it.

The level of performance improvement is determined by many factors. If the assets on the existing site are fully optimised you may see no improvements. The SEO score in Google Page Speed will likely drop as by default the imported site will be set to block Search Engine spidering until your domain is added.

By requesting the service you certify that you own the site you import or have permission to import it. We take no responsibility for any issues that may arise such as copywriting infringements.

The tool will scan for pages up to 5 levels deep. We may limit this further depending on the size of the site

Trying to import large sites could take a long time and potentially fail depending on the size of the site. The Website Import Service is designed for smaller, static websites.

Updated on: 04/11/2021

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