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Sites - Domains - What is DNS?

Domain Name System, or “DNS” as it’s more commonly called, is essentially an address book for the internet.

DNS allows us to look up an easy to remember domain name ( and matches it to an IP address for us behind the scenes to ensure you load up the content you are looking for.

When a person searches for your website in their internet browser, the browser goes off and looks at your DNS registrar, to find out where your website is located. If the registrar says it knows, it will return an IP address to your computer, allowing you to load the website found. By working this way, it saves us all from having to remember lots and lots of digit IP addresses... instead, we have nice and simple, easy to remember words!

Looking to move your website to Siteglide?

Whether you're looking to move your website to Siteglide from another platform or just creating one, you will need to update your registrar so that you can be found on the internet.

Once you've added your domain to your Siteglide site, follow the instructions between Siteglide and your Registrar to go live to the world.

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Updated on: 05/08/2022

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