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Siteglide Admin/API - Changelog

4th November 2022

Pages - Fix for Agency Layouts not showing in Studio tab
Data Cleaning - Add 'Password Reset Requests' to list
Discord - Uptime status reports

28th October 2022

Integrations - Support for Google Auth
eCommerce Orders - Support for >10k Orders to show in list view
Spam Protection - hCaptcha option on Forms

21st October 2022

Automations - Fix for deleting and re-adding Automations to a Form
Exports - Fix for Form CSV exports not showing 'Name' field

14th October 2022

Automations - Full release of Automations system
Discord - Add sign up links for new community Discord server
Pages - Fix to support Studio on smaller screen sizes
Pages - Fix for 'Link' button on Studio
Pages - Fix for File History misreporting 'method' value

2nd September 2022

Site usage - Show Marketplace Module usage in metrics on Subscription tab

26th August 2022

Site Copy - Lock new sites until copy is complete

19th August 2022

Marketplace - New 'Templates' category for Site Templates, from which people can create sites

5th August 2022

Forms - Auto reload table data on bulk case delete
Marketplace - Fix an issue where 'All Modules' toggle wasn't working
Site Details - Fix an issue when loading Site Copy tab
Site Copy - Fix an issue with Custom Module UI when a site is copied
Tickets - Added ticket title to email notifications

29th July 2022

Studio - Show editor on Content Sections, Code Snippets, Footers, and Headers
Studio - Include a link selector, which shows Pages, WebApp items, and Module items on the site
Studio - Improved Image selection and editing
WebApps - Fix an issue where 'default' wasn't showing as a detail view layout option

8th July 2022

CSV Imports - Fixed an issue where you couldn't unset an array value

24th June 2022

ALPHA - Automations
ALPHA - Studio editor updates
CLI - Fixed issue where homepages couldn't contain certain text strings
Menus - Fix for updating old menus

10th June 2022

Public API - Fix for Zapier integration issues
Secure Zones - Fixed issue where Module items weren't shown on the Secure Zone details view

27th May 2022

Billing - Introduce 'Automatic Upgrades' toggle in Site and Agency views
CSV Imports - Fixed issue with eCommerce external ID values
Custom Field Sets - Fixed issue when building new CFS
Secure Zones - Fixed issue where WebApp items weren't shown on the Secure Zone details view

13th May 2022

Billing - Show 'Extras' as separate invoices in Portal
Billing - Show plan name in Site list
Marketplace - Change version control so owner always installs latest dev version, whereas end-user installs latest released version
Public API - Add currency and status data for eCommerce Orders

29th April 2022

File Manager - Fixed issue with filtering by upper/lowercase
Reporting - Fixed issue when adding users to a Secure Zone in bulk
Site Manager - Integrations - Fix issue with updating reCaptcha keys
Tickets - Added a link to markup cheatsheet, so users can add formatting to ticket comments

15th April 2022

FileManager - Fix for searching for files in Modules
Redirects - Fix for 'type' not being selected correctly

12th April 2022

Billing - Allow site plan changes after payment failure
eCommerce Product Export - Fix for External ID showing module_14/product_ prefixed
Marketplace - Full release to Admin for Custom UI support
Site Details - Show Module list in same format as on Marketplace, with improved filtering and searching

4th April 2022

Billing - Improving loading and filtering of Invoices
CLI - Fix issue with Homepage showing as 'undefined'
Code Editor - Further support for new Module file locations
General - Fix timing issue on System Emails since daylight saving change
Go Live - Add support for Discount Codes on Site Go Live
Modules/Site Create - Fix issue with Module install/update flow, and improve speed
Toolbox - Fix Content Section names on System Pages

21st March 2022

Marketplace - Alpha support for Custom UI on Modules
Ticketing - Fix to allow Support Team to create tickets on other user's behalf

14th March 2022

Forms - Fix for list view not loading correctly if large amount of entries
Modules - Field order now displays accurately
Redirects - Fix 'type' dropdown
Public API - Fix for Product/Order data not returning correctly
Site Usage - Rename some metric names to be accurate
Ticketing - Allow selection of Site from a dropdown, rather than typing in the Site ID manually

7th March 2022

CRM - Force selected Secure Zones to be a unique list (i.e. no repeating Secure Zones)
Site create - Fix for System Files installation of tables (Categories etc.)
Templates - Fix to correctly show dropdown options
Toolbox - Show layouts from new Module file locations
Modules - Fix item copy functionality

28th February 2022

Marketplace - Support for new Module file location (Code Editor, Site create, etc.)
Sign Up - UX improvements, and added new fields to sign up flow

21st February 2022

Order Details - Change default tab on open
Ticketing - Added new filters to list view

14th February 2022

Affiliate - Added support for new Affiliate program
Order Details - Add 'Editor' tab to allow editing of order's status and addresses
Ticketing - Release of new Ticketing Support system

7th February 2022

eCommerce - Fix for issue in Volume Pricing
Order Details - Add error handling for when order's user cannot be found

31st January 2022

Company Information and CFs - Fix for image selection
eCommerce Subscription - Fix for issue in item create flow
Forms - Fix for name with special characters in
Portal - Auto-extend site expiry for those on Agency Pro
Public API - Fix for User Secure Zone editing
Modules - Fix for issue where 'weighting' wasn't being handled as an integer

24th January 2022

Order Details - Show Product ID if name isn't found
Reporting - Saveable Reports

17th January 2022

General - Fix for issue where 'weighting' wasn't being handled as an integer
General - Added better error handling for when items (Pages, WebApp items, etc.) don't save correctly
Site Usage - Ignore 'Domains' when tracking limit status
Site Usage - Remove 'Background Jobs' metric
Site Usage - Show 'downgrade' option

10th January 2022

CRM - Fix for issue with 'Textarea' custom fields
FileManager - Move 'select' button to start of row to help with smaller screen sizes
FileManager - Fix bug in file delete flow
Pages - Fix for trying to save item without a Name
Public API - Support for latest Order Products structure

Updated on: 07/11/2022

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