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Siteglide is billed on usage not features as we believe all companies should be able to benefit from the full Enterprise grade Digital Experience Platform feature-set but only pay in proportion to how much you use it.

Every plan offers the full Siteglide feature-set. We firmly believe in usage based pricing so that anyone can benefit from all that Siteglide offers and you only pay more if you’re using more.

The following plans are the standard/Business prices prior to any agency or multipack discounts, any discounts would then be applied to these prices:

Full plan breakdown. You won't see any feature limitations here, you get full access to Siteglide on every plan!

The plans vary in price and value. You get far better value as you go up through the plans as the allowance of each metric increases. If you're just running a static website then our standalone Static plan ($50) is likely to be all you need but if you're running something like AirBnB you might be better off with Scale or Enterprise as it's far better value in terms of the cost of each metric.


If you hit the generous allowance limits on a plan then this is where Extras come in. Any additional usage in a given month will either be charged as Extras or you will be automatically upgraded to the next plan IF it's cheaper than the Extras.

Extras are charged in blocks as outlined below:

Extras are charged in line with the plan allowance giving you total flexibility to remain on your existing plan. This is really helpful if you expect your usage to fluctuate as it saves changing plans and means you're simply paying for what you need.


Your site on the Lite plan has 4000 Records and then you import 3000 Contacts, this puts you 2000 Records over the 5000 limit. On the 1st of the next month we will calculate the Extras cost (2000/100 = 20 x $5 = $100) and compare that to the cost of upgrading to the Scale plan. In this scenario it's cheaper to pay the Extras so we would bill the $100. You may then remove Records to drop below the 5000 limit or continue to pay Extras until a plan upgrade becomes the cheaper option.

Note: If your site subscription tab shows a 'Legacy' plan please refer to our old Overages pricing or speak to the team about switching to one of our new plans!

Updated on: 01/12/2021

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