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Site Backups and Disaster Recovery

There are 3 main components that make up your clients sites that we need to consider in terms of backups and disaster recovery: Code, Assets and Data. We will outline how each are handled below:


Every code change whether through CLI or Admin is stored in a Github repo controlled by Siteglide
This also stores the UserID of the user that took the action for traceability
This is mainly stored for disaster recovery purposes
You can export using siteglide-cli pull <env>


Stored on S3 by platformOS
AWS/Google Cloud mirror assets across multiple data centres
You can export using siteglide-cli export <env> -w


Stored in databases by platformOS
platformOS have backups and store changelogs/versions of what happened
Upon deletion, the data is recoverable for 30 days. After 30 days of being soft deleted the data is permanently deleted at 5am UTC.
You can export data using siteglide-cli export <env>

We will be offering additional backup tools and automations in the future.

PlatformOS also have documentation on Backups and Disaster Recovery.

The following are key points taken from the platformOS documentation:

platformOS automatically backs up your applications and databases using real-time READ REPLICAs which exist across multiple Zones for further physical disaster recovery within a data-center.

Additionally, incremental transaction logs, daily and weekly backups are taken.

The retention period for monthly backups is 60 days.

These processes are internal to the platformOS DevOps team.

Learn more:

Data Backup and Removal: Learn about how deleted data is backed up and when it is removed permanently. Includes explanation of automatic and manual permanent removal.
GDPR Compliance in platformOS: Learn how platformOS approaches GDPR as just one of many compliance requirements and ensures that your project can easily comply with any number of government legislated privacy rules.
AWS Backup: AWS Backup is a fully managed backup service that makes it easy to centralize and automate the backup of data across AWS services.
Google Cloud Backups: How backups of your Cloud SQL instance work, and how they can be used to restore your data to the same or another instance.

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Updated on: 18/10/2021

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