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Sept 9, 2020 - Release Notes


Pages - In the code view you can now toggle between HTML and Liquid syntax highlighting
Modules - You can now duplicate Module items (Blog, FAQ, etc.) - Roadmap
Billing - You can now create Connect plans in bulk rather than one by one
Import/Export - For WebApps and Modules, columns in CSV files now match the order shown in Admin
eCommerce Orders - You'll now see a clearer breakdown of pricing when a Discount Code was applied to an order.

Code Editor - You now have icons for adding folders and files when you hover on an existing folder

Bug fixes

Templates - Fixed an issue where we were auto-formatting Liquid incorrectly - Roadmap
WebApps - Fixed an issue with copying items that had a rich text field
Tables - Fixed an issue where Tables weren't remembering what page you're on - Roadmap
White-label Login - Fixed an issue where login wasn't working properly - Roadmap

Updated on: 18/10/2021

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