WebApps - Searching by location

You can now add location data to your WebApp items, and then add location search functionality to your website. Items will display in the result set when they are within the radius of a chosen location. One example of how you can use this is as a Store Locator for a franchise of Shops.

Introduction docs
Full code example
System Files changelog - v2.4.10.1

Password Reset - Whitelabelling

If you have Whitelabelling set up then your users will now be sent Password Reset emails with your Agency name and logo attached rather than Siteglide's.

To take it one step further, you can also run the Password Reset flow from your own website via our new API endpoints documented here.


Client - Allow editing of Client data (name, and contact email)
Modules - You can now 'Save and Add new' when creating an item
WebApps - If an item is front-end submitted by a logged in user, you can now see the user's name (with a link to their profile in CRM) in the WebApp item edit view
CodeEditor - You can now delete folders. This will delete all the files contained in that folder.
WebApps - You will now be asked to confirm your action when deleting a field from your structure.
DNS - You can now properly set a domain as your site's default


DNS - Fixed an issue where MX records couldn't be blank
Visual Editor - Fixed an issue where certain Liquid characters were converted to HTML special entities
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