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Open Graphs are what appears when you share a link to your Product. You see the title, a description, what it is - whether it's a website or an article. Open Graphs help your Site seem more appealing to others to encourage clicking through. Open Graph settings are where you can customize what is shared when you send a link to your Product.

Where can you find Open Graph Settings For Your Product?

From your Standard Fields navigate to the SEO tab, scrolling down below the SEO Settings, you will find Open Graph Settings.

What can you do here with your Open Graph Settings?

Give your Open Graph a title, keep it relevant so that people know what it's for.

A preferred URL for this.

An image to make your Open Graph look more appealing.

A description to encourage people to click through to your Site.

Choose an Open Graph type, this describes the type of content that is being shared. The drop-down menu consists of: article, book, profile and website.

Choose a Twitter card type, this also describes the type of content that is being shared. The drop-down menu consists of : app, player, summary, and summary_large_image.

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Updated on: 14/10/2021

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