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Products - Attributes

Attributes allow you to specify aspects of the Product that the customer can customize as they order. This can change the price and enable customers to choose a variation of this product: for example, to have this in a different colour.

Where can you do this?

From your Standard Fields in a Product item, navigate to the Attributes tab.

Click the "Add Attribute" button to add a new Attribute. This will appear as a new tab within this area. This can be deleted by clicking "-" next to the name of the Attribute.

Name - This is the name of the Attribute which can vary on this product e.g. "Size" or "Colour".
Toggling "Enabled" off will hide this Attribute from view while customers are making Orders.
Image - Choose an image for this Attribute
Add Attribute Option - Clicking this will open a table for the different Attribute Options e.g. if you named your Attribute "Colour", you may choose options of "Red" and "Green".

Press the "Add Attribute Option +" button to add a new row to the Options table. Then fill in the fields below:

Name - Add the name of the option e.g. "Large" or "Green"
Product Code (SKU) - This is the internal Product Code you use in your business for Products with this Attribute Option
Enabled - Unlike the previous enabled toggle, this doesn't affect the whole attribute, but only this particular option
Chargeable Price - This field increases the total Price of the product when this Attribute option is selected e.g. a product costs $10 but a "metallic silver" version costs $2 extra, you would add the value 2 here. A price of 0 would mean that the Attribute does not add to the total Price when selected
Display-only Price - Select a price that you'd like to display only
Inventory Available - If the Product's Inventory Type is 'Attribute' then you can set how many of this Attribute Option are available here
Image - Select an image for this Attribute Option
Delete - Deletes this Attribute Option

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Updated on: 18/10/2021

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