You can view the usage of each site via the Subscriptions tab in the Site Details area:

You can see exactly what each site uses broken down into high level types of infrastructure usage and then down to specific Siteglide features to help show more value to clients.

For example, you can see the total number of Records but the real value is seeing that this is made up by CRM Contacts, Form Cases, WebApp items, Module Items, Products and much more.

Note: Background Jobs and External API calls are unlikely to be used for many sites if you're not working on platformOS directly via CLI.

When comparing the cost of the various different tools required to achieve the same result and then trying to somehow connect them all together you can show huge savings to clients both in terms of cost and time.

How our usage based billing works:

Storage, Records, Domains and Client Admin Users do not reduce unless deleted.
Emails, API Calls, Background Jobs and Bandwidth renew each month.
You are billed based on the peak usage each calendar month.
Deleted items count towards peak usage for that month but do not count in subsequent months.
Once you hit 70% usage of any metric it will be marked as orange as a warning.
Once you hit 100% usage of any metric you will start incurring overages. If the cost of overages exceeds the difference in cost to upgrade to the appropriate plan the site will automatically be upgraded on the 1st of the following month. Please see Subscription Changes 2021 for full details.
You can manually downgrade any plans if a lower plan is available.
We do not downgrade as we do not know what usage will be required in a given month and assume most sites increase in usage as the business grows and the site becomes more successful/popular.

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