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Pages that reach 100/100 SEO Scores

Are you reaching 100/100 on SEO and PageSpeed scores?

Creating Pages

Create a new page on your site for visitors to interact with. Head over to "Pages" within CMS on your site to get started.

Checkout the video:

​Be sure to include a quality Meta Title, Meta Description and Open Graph Settings to ensure good SEO scores.

Or if you prefer, checkout this step by step doc: Pages - Create A Page

Reach 100/100 SEO Scores

Every site hosted with Siteglide is capable of reaching top SEO and page speed scores.

​Siteglide utilises the latest technologies and architecture so that nothing stands in your way of delivering top scores to your clients.

Checkout this video to see how you can do the same:

What does your site currently score? You can test it now: Google PageSpeed Insights

Updated on: 18/10/2021

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