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1.12.1 - 17th January 2023

Fix for hCaptcha with PayPal Checkouts

1.12.0 - 28th October 2022

Added hCaptcha as a Spam Protection option (default) on Forms

1.11.0 - 3rd October 2022

Support for Automations structure

1.10.14 - 18th July 2022

Fixed an issue where products can remain hidden in a user's cart after the product has been disabled.

1.10.13 - 12th May 2022

Patch for price rounding issue on Product Attributes where decimal tax percentages are in place (introduced in v1.10.11).

1.10.12 - 22nd April 2022

Patch for Subscriptions where no specific Payment Gateway ID is provided.

1.10.11 - 13th April 2022

Support for decimal tax percentages - Roadmap
It is a good idea to test this update using your own Siteglide Demo Site in order to make sure calculations are working as you would expect for your project.

1.10.10 - 12th April 2022

Patch to fix issue when Product Inventory quantity is set as '0' when type isn't 'Global'.

1.10.9 - 2nd March 2022

Patch to fix edge-case issue when changing Product Inventory type.

1.10.8 - 15th February 2022

Patch to fix issue with Product Inventory not hiding/showing Products correctly.

1.10.7 - 27th January 2022

Patch to fix issue with Order Detail view when multiple Products in the Order.

1.10.6 - 24th January 2022

Patch to fix a recursion issue on Order Detail fetching.

1.10.5 - 14th January 2022

Patch to improve the consistency of price output in some rare situations on Subscriptions.

1.10.4 - 4th January 2022

Patch to fix Product and Attribute data not capturing correctly in Orders.

1.10.3 - 20th December 2021

Minor patch to support new field types - Docs

- Image (Array)
- Folder
- Number (Integer)
- Number (Float)
- Boolean

1.10.2 - 7th December 2021

Allow defined Payment Gateway on Subscriptions, rather than just using the most recently update Payment Gateway
Patched order_details output to fix Product+Attribute price calculation (only affected output, not capture or charges)

1.10.1 - 1st December 2021

Added remove_default_css option to Cart output, which allows you to remove the siteglide_example.css file from output - Docs

1.10.0 - 23rd November 2021

Structural changes to the Orders database to improve performance and reduce usage.

This change is safe to apply unless you have custom code reliant on the old structure being in place that used the module_14/order_product or module_14/order_product_attribute tables.

1.9.2 - 18th November 2021

Patch to fix checkout timeouts on sites with large amount of Product Attributes

1.9.1 - 5th November 2021

Added support for output of more tax breakdowns:

Final Item Price - price_total_item_cost - The total of all Products in the Cart, with any applicable Tax added
Final Total Tax Amount - price_total_tax_amount - The total Tax amount applied to any Products or Shipping Option
Final Total Price Before Tax - price_total_before_tax - The total price of Products and the selected Shipping Option, before any Tax has been applied

Find the full list here

1.9.0 - 3rd November 2021

You can now add multiple payment method options to a checkout layout -> Roadmap

Relevant Docs:

Multiple Payment Method Options
Includes -> ecommerce/checkout_standard
PayPal - Custom Parameters

1.8.1 - 13th October 2021

Patch to support inventory checking against Attributes on Cart. This follows an existing Inventory checking feature documented here -> Docs

1.8.0 - 12th October 2021

Shipping Option Tax - This allows you to set which Tax Codes apply to a Shipping Option, and display prices inc/ex Tax on Cart and Invoice layouts - Docs

1.7.0 - 16th September 2021

Product Attributes - Added Inventory control - Docs
Product Attributes - Pricing of Product Attributes is now controlled per currency, rather than 1 charge for all currencies
Product Attributes - CSV Import/Export is now available from the Product List view
Added the ability to use custom parameters with PayPal - Docs
We've opened up our eCommerce Order flow, so you can add custom functions before and after payment is successfully taken. More information to follow...

1.6.6 - 21st June 2021

Patch to support 'Custom Array' field types in eCommerce

1.6.5 - 1st June 2021

Patch for Subscription Stripe Webhooks to fix an issue where they would always return as 'Failed'

1.6.4 - 17th May 2021

Support for CRM User Addresses to be used as Shipping & Billing data

1.6.2 - 27th April 2021

Patch for Products used as a DataSource

1.6.1 - 21st April 2021

Patch to support HTML and special characters in Product Descriptions stored against Quotes.

1.6.0 - 20th April 2021

An upgrade to Product output in line with System Files update v2.6.4.0

1.5.1 - 14th April 2021

Bug - Fix to allow " in Attribute/Option name

Added a snapshot of Product Description to Order Products model

1.5.0 - 16th March 2021

Tax Code system - Docs

1.4.2 - 8th March 2021

Fix unhandled PayPal error

1.4.1 - 2nd March 2021

Patch for spam protection bug (due to platform cookie name change) which was causing an 'Unauthorised' error on payment forms.

1.4.0 - 16th February 2021

Volume Pricing - You can now set prices to change depending on how many items are purchased by the user. For example, you might say "buy 1 for $10, or 3 for $8 each" - Docs
Discount Codes on Subscriptions - You can now set up Discount Codes to be used with Subscriptions. For example, you can say "50% off for 3 months" or even use it as a free-trial type code of "100% off for 1 month" - Docs
XML Product Feed - A new System Page that outputs Product data in XML format for RSS feeds
Sorting and Filtering by Price - Docs
Shipping Options - Added 'display only' price.

1.3.5 - 11th February 2021

Updated default layouts to use Siteglide Studio (this won't overwrite existing installed layouts)

1.3.4 - 18th January 2021

Allow Shipping Option changes on Checkout Forms
Minor fix for some applications of Discount Codes with 'live reload'
Minor fix to get rid of a console warning when updating Pricing in a Cart

1.3.3 - 8th January 2021

Fix for Add to Cart buttons

1.3.2 - 7th January 2021

Fix for when Order value is equal to a Discount Code's minimum spend
Added console warnings on some Discount Code implementation to help developers debug issues. Warnings only appear when a potential issue has occurred.

1.3.1 - 6th January 2021

Fix for some further issues when displaying Cart and Checkout layouts on the same Page
Fix for empty Discount Codes on Basic Payment Forms

1.3.0 - 30th December 2020


Basic Payment Forms - Added the ability to use Discount Codes on Basic Payment Forms - Docs
Orders - Added the ability to add a previous Order to your Cart - Docs
Cart - Added a validation function to check that the contents of a Cart are valid before passing the data to the Checkout. Note that this validation was performed server-side before payment, but this now allows for more Cart layout feedback/customisation. For example, checking that there enough inventory to cover the Order - Docs


Shipping Options - The page refresh upon option selection is now optional
Product Attributes - Provide more readable property naming on output (e.g. .image rather than .properties['module_field_14/product_attribute_option_5'])

Bug fixes

Fix to block Discount Codes attempting to force an Order to a negative value - Docs
Fix for a bug where PayPal Discount Codes would be have their 'uses' value reduced even when the payment errors
Fix for a bug where a random Discount Code could be applied when entering an empty string
Blocked disabled Attributes from showing on Product list/detail views
Fix for displaying Cart and Checkout layouts on the same Page

Further Documentation

Related Products

1.2.0 - 26th November 2020

Support for eCommerce Product location filtering and Custom Fields
Image and Display-only Price fields on Attributes

1.1.6 - 19th November 2020

Patch for PayPal live mode issues

1.1.5 - 5th November 2020

Minor field changes ready for upcoming Module Custom Field updates

1.1.4 - 29th October 2020

Basic Payment Forms - Allow access to the Payment amount in autoresponder and workflow emails - Docs
Basic Payment Forms - Allow access to the 'minimum payment' value on Page - Docs
Cart - The 'update quantity' field can now apply updates on change, rather than needing to press an 'update cart' button - Docs
Buy now - Support for sending the user straight to a payment from, rather than simply adding the item to the basket - Docs
Discount Codes - Invalid codes (expired or no uses remaining) can now be removed from your cart - Docs

1.1.3 - 16th October 2020

Minor patch to cover Pricing field type change from text to integer

1.1.1 - 14th October 2020

Fix for issue where setting Product Inventory to "none" prevented Orders being created for that Product.
Fix for conflict between recent database changes and PayPal Checkout
Fix for bug in Stripe Subscription Cancellation

1.1.0 - 8th October 2020

PayPal Payment Gateway - Docs
Stripe - Store the Siteglide Order ID against the order in Stripe as metadata
Structural changes to Pricing and Inventory databases in order to improve performance, lower usage costs, and allow for easier filtering/sorting on this data.

All Pricing and Inventory data is now stored directly against the Product, rather than in separate database tables.

Any custom extensions of the existing database structure will require you to change to the new structure before updating your Module. All data will be migrated to these new fields when you update your Module.

1.0.5 - 23rd September 2020

Added support for the s_e_update_price() function on Product List View Pages.
Stripe Basic Payment Form Submissions now display the associated Stripe Charge ID next to the Payment Intent ID in the Admin.
Fixed a bug where the Add to Cart button would sometimes add extra items to the Cart that were previously added and removed.

1.0.4 - 4th September 2020

Support for structural changes introduced in Secure Zones 1.1.0

1.0.2 - 17th August 2020

Fixed a bug with Discount Codes where some combinations of Products would cause the preview of the discounted amount to be incorrect (there was no problem with the actual discount applied) .

1.0.1 - 6th August 2020

Fixed a bug with Quote generation Forms.

1.0.0 - 29th July 2020

With the addition of Subscriptions, we complete the first release of Siteglide eCommerce.

You can learn more about the new features and how to implement Subscriptions on your sites here: Subscriptions Overview

Upgrading from 0.14.1 for Sites which use Subscriptions

If you were using the Beta version of eCommerce Subscriptions (versions 0.14.1 and lower) and you have not yet upgraded your eCommerce Module, your Sites will continue to work as normal.

However, after upgrading to the eCommerce Module 1.0.0, Stripe webhooks must be set up. You can follow steps 3 + 4 here to set this up.

You should also make sure that your Secure Zones Module is up to date.

0.14.1 - 20th July 2020

Bug fix for Checkout sometimes displaying logs.

0.14.0 - 9th July 2020

Custom 'add to cart' button text - Docs
Custom 'add to cart' callbacks - Docs
Output CFS data on Order Detail views (and in emails)
Show Cart total price on Checkout views

0.13.0 - 24th June 2020

Spam protection for Stripe endpoints

0.12.0 - 7th May 2020

Support for 'Add to cart' button on Product list views
Order details in Workflow and Autoresponder emails

0.11.0 - 27th April 2020

Performance updates for Product output - You should find list views loading far quicker than before this update

0.10.0 - 22nd April 2020

Discount Codes
Cart Live Updating

0.9.8 - 25th March 2020

Fix for Custom Field Set output on Product layouts

0.9.7 - 24th February 2020

Store Shipping Method name against Order rather that just the ID and cost

0.9.6 - 14th February 2020

Browser Support updates

0.9.5 - 22nd January 2020

Allow '+' in email addresses used on payment forms

0.9.4 - 31st December 2019

Stripe - Check if stored customer exists before processing them

0.9.3 - 23rd December 2019

Shipping Options

0.9.2 - 26th November 2019


Updated on: 17/01/2023

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