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Migrations Overview

When migrating a site, there are some key factors to consider to help you choose the best method. Below we'll outline the various import tools available and answer some initial questions to help get you started.

Learn more about migration methods and approaches here: Migration Method Checklist

Siteglide Import Tools

Tools For Importing Whole Websites

Static Site Import Tool - Use CLI to copy every page from an existing site and import it to a Siteglide site. Any assets found will also be imported to File Manager.

Tools For Importing Data

Full WebApp Import - Import all WebApps and WebApp items at once while maintaining datasources, categories and structure.
WebApp items - Use CSV files to import items to WebApps you have created.
BC Blog Module Import - Import the Blog Module from Business Catalyst maintaining relationships between Tags, Categories and Blog posts.

Other Tools

Full Assets Folder - Upload a zip folder of all your assets to a site.
CRM - Use CSV files to import contacts to the CRM.
URL Redirects - Use a CSV file to import URL redirects to a site.

How do I create a Site for migrations?

To create a new site, go to either the Client company or your Agency company in Portal and and click the "Create New Site" button above the list of sites, on the right hand side.

For more information on how to create a site to match your migration method, checkout: Migrations - Creating A Site For Migrating

Siteglide partners available to help with migrations

Connect today with a Siteglide Expert Partner who can assist with parts of your migrations or carry out whole migrations for you:


Expert partners can also provide you with any technical help you might need when adding new features to your sites in future.

Migrations Overview
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Updated on: 22/10/2021

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