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Migrating Menus

Creating the New Menus

We'll start by creating the Menu Structure in the Admin, and we'll come to the code later.

You will need to create a new Menu in the Siteglide Admin for each different list of Links you'll need: For example, if on BC you had a Header Menu with your main links, and a Footer Menu which included different links e.g. Privacy Policy, you'll need to create two Menus on Siteglide- one for each of these.

You can read more about this here - Menus - Getting Started

Menu builder does not yet display existing WebApp items and their Detail Pages, we'll add that soon! For now, you can add any page to your menu, and customise its name and URL to point to any WebApp item you'd like. The same can be done for external links.

Creating Layouts

You've already defined which Pages will appear in your Menu.

Now, we'll look at the Layouts. These contain the code which defines the HTML structure for a Menu as it is rendered on the Page. We'll also use Liquid to dynamically fetch the Menu Items from the Menus you created earlier.

After running a Static Site Import, you'll find the code that forms your Menu layouts at the top of your Pages . You can choose to do one of two methods here:

Cut this code from your Pages and paste these into new layout files for your Menu within Code Editor - creating an "item.liquid" file, and a "wrapper.liquid" file in the relevant area.

Create new layouts, or use default layouts within Admin or from our Studio Layout Library

Next Steps

Check out our Troubleshooting Migrated Menu Layouts doc if you experience any issues.

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Updated on: 22/10/2021

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