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July 24, 2020 - Release Notes

CRM Custom Field Set Management

Editable CFS - You can now edit CFS data in Siteglide, rather than having to CSV import or fill in a front-end form - Roadmap
Removable CFS - You can now delete CFS data from a User


Toolbox Modules - You can now insert Module items by ID like you can with WebApp lists - Roadmap
eCommerce Subscription Order view - We've updated this view to match that of standard eCommerce Orders
Pages Bulk Delete - This can now be achieved via the Pages List view (similar to WebApp item Bulk Delete) - Roadmap
Form Builder - You can now insert fields to Autoresponder and Workflow emails via a dropdown in the top right of the editor (similar to that in CodeEditor)
Usage/Subscription metrics - We'll now show the cost difference between Upgrades and Overages
Content Section "Add new" - You can now 'Save and Add new' on Content Sections, Headers, Footers, and Code Snippets (similar to WebApp item creating) - Roadmap
List pagination positioning - Pagination now appears both at the top and bottom of list views. This will be more useful when pagination size is set to a high value. We may switch this a 'user preference' at a later date - Roadmap

Bug Fixes

File Manager deletes - When you delete an image it is now fully removed rather than just hidden from File Manager - Roadmap
Code Editor - You can now create files when in fullscreen mode
Side Menu highlighting - You should now see the highlighted item always matches the view you are on - Roadmap
Visual Editor - We've fixed an issue where Visual Editor wasn't compatible with Pages that were created via siteglide-cli migrate - Roadmap
Dates - Added a maximum value (01-01-2038) to date fields
Toolbox - Fixed an issue where inserting a Content Section would out the ID as NaN - Roadmap

Updated on: 18/10/2021

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