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Getting Started with Siteglide eCommerce


With the eCommerce Module you can:

Create and Manage Products
Manage Orders
Set up a Payment Gateway
Set up Basic Payment Forms
Set up a Cart and Guest Checkout Payment Form
Customise eCommerce Product List, Product Detail, Product Attribute, Cart and Checkout Layouts

Combining eCommerce with other Modules and Features you can:

Show lists of Products on Category pages
Use Secure Zones to create a secure Checkout and account area for Users to view their Orders

To use full features of eCommerce before they are released everywhere - make sure to create a Demo Site and use the eCommerce Module there. To find out how to create a Demo Site, click here.

What's Next?

The core part of eCommerce is ready to get started with, but we are still working hard to make it better.

Please visit our Roadmap at to see which features are on the way and give us feedback on how you'd like to see Siteglide eCommerce improve.

Updated on: 13/10/2021

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