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Feb 6, 2020 - Release Notes

Note: System Files Patch -> - We've released a 2nd update to System Files today, with a minor patch for an issue that slipped through QC.


CLI - deploy + export - We've released an update to siteglide-cli with new features for deploy and export. See usage docs here. (siteglide-cli v1.3.0)
eCommerce - Starter Site Quotes - We've added our Quotes feature to Starter Site in preparation for the feature to progress out of beta. Follow docs for Quotes here
Menu - 'target' value - Add 'target' value to default layouts - (Menu Module - 1.0.4)
WebApps - Field IDs - Added a toggle on the Custom Fields tab to show field IDs
WebApps - DataSource links - Added links to items underneath DataSource fields on the WebApp item edit view ->
Imports - Styling - Updated styling to all import views allowing for easier reading of tables
Toolbox - Refresh - Added an icon at the top of Toolbox to refresh the data inside without needing to refresh the entire window ->
List views - We've added an 'ID' column to most list views -> -
Portal - Show view titles - For example 'Sites' on the list of sites, and the site's name when you enter the site details view ->
Pages - Preserve properties - If you edit a page in Siteglide, the following property values are now untouched (which you may have edited via siteglide-cli):
- authorization_policies
- dynamic_cache
- static_cache
- enable_profiler
- format
- method 

Bug Fixes

Code Editor - Fixed an issue where you couldn't properly add fields to a form layout if they were part of a Custom Field Set
Email Marketing - We now block Campaign creation until a sender has been created ( Currently Zapier Only )
_Email Marketing_ - You can now update senders -> ( Currently Zapier Only )
Firefox specific styling issue - Fixed an issue where sorter columns in tables weren't showing a bottom border
Forms - Added error reporting to FormBuilder to handle any Liquid errors on Workflow and Autoresponder emails ->
Forms - Fix an issue with some form submissions in Microsoft's Edge browser - (System Files
Site Details - Fixed an issue where a white screen would show when visiting the details page of a site that has expired and redirected
Site Search - Added support for buttons to submit the search, rather than relying on keyboard controls - (System Files -
Site Search - Fixed an issue where Pages were showing in search results, even though 'Visible to search' was turned off - (System Files -
Portal Billing - A bug causing the Billing Set up page to crash for some users has been fixed

Updated on: 18/10/2021

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