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Feb 21, 2020 - Release Notes


Once you apply a site plan to a site to make it live, a new "Domains" tab will be visible in Site Settings on refresh
Fully Delegated - move a whole domain and any existing records and host them with us
External - keep control of the domain in a 3rd party registrar and point records to your site
View existing domains and records on any site


Whitelabelling - We've changed our header to read simply 'Portal' rather than 'Siteglide Portal'
URL Redirects - When the edit modal opens, the URL options are now sorted alphabetically in dropdowns and the field is searchable
WebApps - DataSource - You can now enter text to search the dropdowns for the items your looking
Templates - Duplicate - You can copy a Template when in edit view


Include Manager - Fixed an issue where redirecting went to a 404 page
Email Marketing - When creating a Sender the view now refreshes to show the new data ( Currently Zapier Only )
File Manager - The 'Total Items' value in each folder is now correct
Code Editor - Fixed an issue where the editable area wasn't full height on larger displays
Portal - If your Client or Agency name is too long to fit the menu, it is now truncated, rather than expanding the menu width
Portal - Issues with Whitelabelled logo height are now fixed
Site Expiry - When extending your trial, the redirect to is now removed

Updated on: 18/10/2021

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