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FAQ - Why are form submissions creating cases, but not users in the CRM?


You might be using an old, deprecated Form submitter function from the early days of Siteglide.

Updating Default Form Layouts

If you're using the default form layout, then to update it you simply need to save the Form in Siteglide again.

Updating Custom Form Layouts

If you're using a custom form layout, then there's a little bit more to do...

First, save the Form in Siteglide. Then go and look at the Form's updated default.liquid  layout, and compare it to your custom layout.

You'll see some differences:

Your custom layout might be using a field with ID of name. This should now be s_name

Your custom layout might be using a field with ID of email. This should now be s_email

A hidden input field now exists with ID of s_user_id . Your layout will need this added -> <input name="{{ }}" id="s_user_id" type="hidden" value="{{}}" />

The old function used to submit the form is formSubmit(). This should now be s_form_submit_v2(). The function parameters remain the same.

Once you've updated those three elements, form submissions should now go to both Cases and CRM.

Updated on: 18/10/2021

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