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This article shows Agencies what Portal will look like to their Clients. You will notice that some items of the menu have been hidden, to help Clients find elements relevant to them.

The Client Edit Menu

This menu will have the name of your client e.g.

Tab 1: Client Details

Tab 2: Users

Shows all the Users who belong to this Client

Clients can invite brand new Users by clicking the button in the screenshot below.

- This must be new user, not an existing system user (unique email address).

- The new User is sent an email, asking them set their password.

Tab 3: Sites

This shows all the sites owned by the client

All Sites

Shows all sites this user has access to (through Client, or specific invites)

Site Edit

You can access this by clicking the name of a Site on a row in the Site List.

Tab 1: Site Details

This shows details about the currently selected site. The buttons in the top right allow the User to either:

View the Site
Access the Admin for this Site.

Tab 2: Staging Settings

Tab 3: Domains

If this Site has Domains, your Client can only view these, within the "Domains" tab of their Site.

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