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Adobe BC Mailbox to Siteglide

Do you have client sites with existing mailboxes on Adobe BC? If so, you're in the right place - read on to find out how you can migrate them to Siteglide.

Note: We only offer mailboxes to those with existing BC mailboxes

Step 1 - Migrating The Mailboxes

If you have existing mailboxes with Adobe BC, you can migrate them seamlessly with no downtime or loss of data to Siteglide.

Note: Please apply a site plan to your Siteglide site before getting in touch

Reach out to the success team via our Intercom Chat in the bottom right-hand corner of your Siteglide Admin and ask them to migrate the mailboxes. Be sure to let the team know specifically which domain the mailboxes belong to and to which live Siteglide site you are adding the domain.

Our team will then enter a request with the Adobe BC team to have them migrate the mailboxes over to Siteglide.

Note: There is an additional cost of $1.50 per month per mailbox on site plans

If you prefer, you can migrate the mailboxes yourself to a third party service such as Gmail.

Step 2 - DNS Record Changes

Once the mailboxes have successfully been migrated to Siteglide, there are a couple of DNS records you will want to check in your DNS configuration to ensure the mailboxes continue receiving and sending new mail.

Note: In the examples below, replace "" with your domain

Name: mail

Name: none/root/@
Type: MX
Value: 0

How Do I Access My Email Now?

Once your mailboxes have been migrated from Adobe BC to Siteglide, you can access them using your existing login credentials from:

Connect Using A Mail Client

Inbox Server Type: IMAP

Username: Your mailbox email

Password: Your mailbox password


Incoming port: 993

Encryption/Protection: "SSL/TLS" - or - "SSL"

Outbox Server Type: SMTP

Username: Your mailbox email

Password: Your mailbox password


Outgoing port: 465

Encryption/Protection: "SSL/TLS" - or - "SSL"

Please visit the documentation for your chosen mail client for more help and information.

Updated on: 22/10/2021

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