How the Reseller Plan works and important terms of use:

  1. The Reseller Plan is available by application only and limited to companies on our Agency Reseller and Expert Reseller Partner Programmes.

  2. There are some minimum requirements and commitments to be accepted and use the Reseller plan including a $250pm minimum spend. See the brochure for full details.

  3. We will review each application and reserve the right to refuse use of the Reseller Plan or remove partners from it should it be abused (non-payment for example).

  4. The Reseller Plan is billed monthly in arrears for any number of sites added to it all in one subscription.

  5. The subscription includes line items for Instances, Domains and Units where Units include Storage, Records, Emails and API Calls (additional metrics may be added).

  6. Usage is based on the peak (maximum) value for the previous month (not prorated).

  7. Any free usage or discounts will be itemised on the Reseller page in Portal.

  8. It is your responsibility to ensure the payment does not fail and if it does it is paid within 24 hours to avoid service suspension.

  9. You are responsible for managing sites and usage, you simply pay for what you or your customers use.

  10. You can then resell the services to your customers without restrictions, bundle them into retainers, mark them up, add additional services, it’s your choice.

  11. All prices are shown in USD unless otherwise specified. We also offer GBP and AUD options. If you are an Agency or Expert Partner you can view the pricing here.

  12. Units are charged based on our graduated pricing model where the more you buy the cheaper the unit price becomes.

Migrating to the Reseller Plan from other plans:

  1. A bespoke migration offer will be made available during June 2023 to best match the current spend on the old model including any discounts. From July 1st 2023 onwards this offer will be removed or revised and moving to the Reseller Plan may be more costly (any discounts or free Units will likely be removed).

  2. Any discounts/free usage will be reviewed/amended/removed if any legacy sites are deleted or domains are removed (as they were applied to match the current spend).

  3. A legacy discount code only applies to Sites/Instances and Domains. Units are charged normally based on the tiered model. The discount code will only be applied to the sites that are being migrated, any new sites will be billed based on the normal Reseller pricing.

  4. The migration offer will be the most cost effective and simplest way of migrating across to the Reseller model. Moving sites individually may be more costly.

  5. There are a few metrics we use to match your current spend to the new Reseller model: 1) Discount code 2) Free Units 3) Minimum Units. We will use one or a combination depending on your specific situation. For example if your Current MMR matches your future MRR (i.e. no time limited discounts applied) then we won’t apply a discount code. If we need to bring down the current and future MRR we’ll add free Units and if the new MRR is lower than current/future we’ll set a Minimum Units value to make it match. Minimum Units works in a similar way to Site plans where you would get a higher allocation of total Units. Effectively these would be free units that you can use across any site and wouldn’t start paying more until you exceed this value. This gives you some headroom if your site usage grows or you put more sites live.

  6. When a Discount Code ends we will adjust Free Units and/or Minimum Units accordingly to ensure the 'New Spend without Discounts' matches 'Current Spend without Discounts'.

  7. Your first Instance, first Domain and first 100 Units will be free which replaces the legacy ‘free partner site’ offer if you have one.

  8. Once you confirm you would like to proceed with migrating to the Reseller plan we would setup the new Reseller subscription and cancel any old subscriptions for the sites that are moving across. We would pro-rate any unused time on the old subscriptions and credit this to your account with us in Stripe. On 1st July 2023 you would then get your first Reseller bill for the month of June with any account balance used first. In some scenarios you may not pay for anything for a month (or more) especially if you had annual renewals occur recently. This will ensure you’ve paid the correct amount and have not paid for any sites twice (other than the days in June before you confirm the migration).