We've overhauled our Import/Export system to introduce the following:

  • Stability for large data sets - We've tested with WebApps and Users with more than 100,000 items in one go. Before this update the limits were much lower.
  • Consistency - All Imports now run off the same flow behind the scenes. The same goes for Exports. This means we can more easily add new Import/Export features in, and apply them to more areas (Discount Codes, Orders, Form Submissions). It also means the CSV files you submit for Import and the ones your receive from Export will match in terms of column headers and ordering.
  • Export Logs - To allow for this new level of stability, there will be no 'instant' Exports. This means that when you click the 'Export' button, your request will be sent to the server, and processed as soon as it's ready. You no longer need to watch the button spin whilst you wait for the result! Instead you will receive an email to notify you that the CSV file is ready to be downloaded. You can track progress via Site Manager>Export Logs, but typically you should receive an email within a few minutes.
  • Custom Field Sets - These are no longer available for Import or Export directly in CRM or eCommerce Products. Instead you must go to Site Manager>Custom Field Sets and perform your actions there. This keeps it consistent with other areas of the system such as WebApps and Modules. You can find a full doc explaining how to run through this process here

Pages - File History

You can now see all changes that have been made to a Page, and roll back to an earlier version. This same tab will be released to other areas of the system soon (Content Sections, Templates, etc.). We'll also look into similar solutions for files in CodeEditor.

Site Copy

You can now copy a Site via the 'Copies' tab on the Site Details view. Here you will find the option to copy to a new Site, or to an existing Site. You'll also find logs of the copy's status in a table view

Developer Documentation

We've introduced a new site for Developer Documentation. Here you'll be able to find documentation for more complex and custom implementations of Siteglide.

A few examples of the type of documentation that will go here:

  • In depth explanations of field types and data structures
  • Information on how to create/update your Modules/WebApps via CLI
  • Small examples of how to implement some features (e.g. WebApp items on a map)

You can find these new docs at


  • Reporting - Removed 1000 item limit and improved loading speed
  • Secure Zones > Users - Removed 'Export' button, as this is accessible via Reporting instead now
  • WebApps/Modules - Added 'Create Date' and 'Last Edit Date' to the edit view in Siteglide Admin
  • Forms - Updated the Form list view to make it clearer how to get to the submissions list and the structure edit views
  • Visual Page Builder - Updated styling to match new Studio release
  • Pages - Fix for Toolbox disappearing on Page save