Modules (Blog, FAQ, Slider, Authors, Events, eCommerce Products)

Custom Fields - You can now click the 'Edit Structure' button on these List views, and add Custom Fields to the Module. These will then be available on the Edit view, on Import/Export, and front-end.

Location - You can now add location data via Edit view or Import/Export, and filter by this data front-end. This one doesn't apply to Events, as it already had this feature

Secure Zones - You can now put items in Secure Zones via Edit view or Import/Export.


Custom Fields - You can now click the 'Edit Structure' button on the User List view, and go add Custom Fields to the User structure. These will then be available on the Edit view.

Form Builder - You can add these Custom Fields to a Form. When submitting a Form it will save the data against the Case, and also update the field on the User.

eCommerce Attributes

UI Layout - New layout where we've split them into Tabs rather than all appearing in one long list

Image field - Added an image field to Attributes and their Options

Display-only Price - Added a new 'display-only' price to Attribute Options


eCommerce Checkout Forms - These now have an Amount field by default, which is auto-populated. Edits to the data won't affect the actual amount charged, as it's calculated server-side. Note that this field won't be automatically added to your existing Form layouts, but you can re-save your Form and check the default layout in Code Editor to see it.

Forms - New field types - Date, DataSource Single, DataSource Multi, Select Multi

Categories - Image field - You can now add an image to Categories

WebApps - Edit Item Owner - You can now add or edit owner data via the WebApp item edit view

WebApps - Duplicate - You can now duplicate a WebApp structure. Simple click 'Copy' on the WebApp Builder view

Module version updates

To take advantage of some of these features above you'll need to read changelogs here, and update those Modules

System Files -
eCommerce - 1.2.0
Menu - 1.0.6