Sign Up flow and Welcome page

We've released a big update to our Sign Up flow. That's not going to affect those of you that are already signed up of course!

You will notice the Welcome page has been updated to include more useful call to action buttons such as 'Create a Site'.

Also, there are new fields on the Agency Details page for you to enter details about your company.

Secure Zones - User list

You can now view and export a list of Users in a Secure Zone. Simple view the Secure Zone in Siteglide, and click the 'Users' tab - Roadmap

We'll soon be expanding upon this kind of view to bring a Reporting Suite to Siteglide.

Site Edit - Name

You can now edit your Site's name (finally!). This is especially useful for those of you who bought 10 Packs and didn't know the name of the site at the time - Roadmap


  • Pages - We've fixed an issue with bulk delete keeping checkboxes ticked - Roadmap
  • Pages - Visual Editor can now handle '&' without breaking - Roadmap