Secure WebApp items

You can now add WebApp items to a Secure Zone.

In the WebApp Builder view you can decide if these items show front-end and throw a 401 error, or if they are completely hidden until logged in.



  • WebApp Item duplicate - You will now find a 'Copy' button on the WebApp Item Edit view that allows you to duplicate the item - Roadmap
  • Live Domains in Admin - For Live Sites, we now show their Domain URL in Admin. For example when entering a Page's slug value, rather than showing the development URL we show the live URL. Note that this is visual only, and any links from Admin will still go to the development URL.

Bug fixes

  • WebApp Export/Import - Fixed an issue where column count and order didn't match between Import templates and Exports
  • eCommerce Product Import - Fixed an issue where Inventory columns were populating the wrong fields. Also fixed an issue with CFS import for multi-DataSource fields