Business Catalyst Blog Migration

We've added support for BC Blogs to our BC zip import tool. When uploading your BCExport file, include your Blog files and tags.json, and they will get converted to a Siteglide structure.

You can find more info about this tool in Siteglide Admin under Site Manager>Migration Tools.

WebApp/Module Import updates

We've released updates to WebApp and Module CSV import tools to increase stability and also speed. There is no change to the CSV file structure that you upload, but when you import your data, it will be added to a background queue.

If you go to Site Manager>Import Logs you will find a list of previous imports (only triggered after this update), their status, and any error messages. We will continue to work on this to improve UX. For example, adding notifications so you don't need to go check the logs. We will also extend these updates to CRM import.


  • CRM - You can output Custom Field Set data with the rest of User Details - Secure Zones changelog
  • Forms - Slight improvement to performance on Secure Zone signup forms, by combining 2 system level calls into 1 - Secure Zones changelog

Bug fixes

  • Pages - You can now copy your homepage without error
  • Visual Editor - VE should now load without crashing
  • Portal - Fixed some 'Page not found' errors when looking at Agencies and Clients
  • Code Editor - Fixed window size when in fullscreen mode