This week, we are releasing updates to the following:

  • A more secure reCAPTCHA validation for Forms.
  • Site Search now allows you to specify a combination of Pages, WebApp and Module Detail Pages to search.

We've also made brand new features available for Beta testing:

  • eCommerce Quotes- eCommerce customers select items in their Cart and submit a Form to request a Quote for those items without making a Payment.
  • White-labelling Phase One - Allow Clients to see your Agency Logo in the top-left hand corner of Admin.


CMS Improvements

reCAPTCHA Security upgrade

Thanks to the Community for feedback on our reCAPTCHA integration , we've made a range of improvements this week.

What's changing?

All Forms now use XHR requests for submitting their data. This allows us to do extra checks on Forms which use reCAPTCHA.

  • XHR submission is a requirement for forms with reCAPTCHA
  • Bots which try to submit Forms directly via JavaScript with the .submit() method will fail at the first hurdle regardless of reCAPTCHA.
  • If you're not using reCAPTCHA, then you can manually alter our code to stop using XHR.

How to get the update?

  • Update System Files to version
  • To see this update on your form you'll need to simply hit 'Save' on the Form in Siteglide. It will work with both default and custom Layouts.

Site Search- More control over the scope of what is searched

What's Changing?

  • You can now choose any combination of Pages, WebApp Detail Pages and Module Detail Pages to include in your Site Search Results. Use the type parameter.
  • If you include WebApps in the parameter, Toolbox will also prompt you to select which WebApps you'd like to search.
  • Also, for searches which include WebApps, you can include the parameter single_field, to only search for WebApp Detail Pages with that specific field e.g. properties.webapp_field_2_1 matching the keyword terms. Note- this will be the real database name of the field- not the user-friendly field name.

How to get this Update?

  • Visit Admin for your Site and System Files will be updated.
  • You will then find the Toolbox updated with the new Parameters you can use.

Learn more:

Read the full documentation here: Site Search V2

New Features

Admin Features

Whitelabelling - (Beta)

We want to give Partners the ability to show their Clients a white-labelled version of Admin. The first step allows you to replace the logo your Clients see in the Admin with your own. We will release full documentation for this soon when the next feature is ready.

How to use?

  • In Portal, click your Agency name in left side menu
  • Upload your logo there, and toggle the 'Whitelabel logo?' switch to on.
  • Save, and refresh to see your logo in the top left.
  • This feature is in Beta, so Clients using will not see your agency logo. You can view your agency logo from

Module Features

eCommerce Quotes- (Beta)

This community-requested feature allows Users to use the Cart as Normal, but complete a Quote Form instead of a Checkout Form.


  • A new kind of eCommerce Form is now available: Quote Only.
  • When the Form is completed, it generates an Order using the items in the User's Cart- but does not prompt them to complete any Payment information. The Order appears in the Admin with the status: "Quote Only".
  • Generating a "Quote Only" order does not decrease the number of items in the Product's Inventory. However, a Product will need to be in stock before it is added to a Cart.

Learn More

Coming Soon

We hope to bring you the following in a release soon, but for now here's a Status Update:

  • Whitelabelled Login system (as seen on Roadmap) is undergoing internal Quality Control.
  • CRM import has entered Alpha testing.