We strive to support all recent versions of major browsers front-end JavaScript features that we deliver to your site, such as eCommerce or Forms.

For the sake of security and providing the best experience to the majority of customers, we do not support browsers that are no longer receiving security updates and represent a small minority of traffic.  

Supported browser versions

  • We support Edge v79 onwards per Microsoft's lifecycle policy. We do not support Legacy Edge or Internet Explorer versions as they are no longer supported by Microsoft.
  • We support Chrome, Safari and Firefox on desktop platforms.
  • We support the Android native browser on Android 4.4 and later.
  • iOS and iPadOS version 10 and later.  This also includes browser variants on iOS such as Chrome, Firefox, Brave etc. 
  • We respond to bug reports but do not proactively test other browsers.

If you have any system related issues in the browsers above then please don't hesitate to contact us for support. 

Check and update your browser version

We recommend always using the latest browser version available to your operating system for the best support and security while using the internet. You can use the links below for your browser’s documentation to learn more about checking and updating your version:

For Safari, and Microsoft Edge browsers, this may depend on your device's operating system so check your OS is up to date as well.