Earn trailing commissions by recommending and promoting Siteglide to digital agencies or website owners/clients.

Signup here: https://siteglide.firstpromoter.com/

We pay 20% commission on ALL payments made by the people you refer ongoing.

You can even passively earn exponentially increasing recurring revenue simply by promoting or recommending Siteglide to digital agencies who go on to build new sites each month!

Full details

  1. Signup to become an affiliate here: https://siteglide.firstpromoter.com

  2. Ensure you use your unique referral link to recommend and promote Siteglide

  3. Anyone that signs up using your link and purchases within 45 days will be tracked in our system and you will receive 20% of revenue received on an ongoing basis

  4. Tracking may not work due to Cookies or individual security permissions. We cannot be responsible for any tracking issues but if you submit a claim with written proof of the introduction it will be at our discretion to include it

  5. All commissions will be paid in USD

  6. Commissions will be paid out via Wise.com (free account required) on a quarterly basis (minimum $100 balance)

  7. Alternatively they can be converted to Siteglide credits at 110% of the value

  8. We reserve the right to terminate the programme or use of it at any time

  9. You cannot earn commission on your own sites or any sites that use Direct Billing (where there is a discount instead of a commission)

  10. If anyone is found to be abusing the system (self-referral as an example) they will be removed and no commissions will be honoured

  11. When you invite a client to pay for their site they will see the public pricing but can take advantage of promotional offers available to them