Data security measures are put in place to keep your clients' sites' data secure and safe: protecting sensitive information such as API keys and other site-specific sensitive data.

What Data Security Measures Are In Place?


We do everything that we can to ensure your Sites are safe and secure.

When you sign up and log in to Siteglide, all passwords are encrypted and are never stored in plain text.

By using HTTPS across the board, everywhere you log in and access your Sites is secure with SSL.


As Siteglide is built on platformOS, it's important to also know what measures they have in place.

This includes the following:

  • Multiple network abstraction layers for isolation
  • Co-location of data centers around the world
  • Third-party penetration testing
  • Virus and malware scanning

platformOS automatically backs up your applications and databases using real-time READ REPLICAs which exist across multiple Zones for further physical disaster recovery within a data-center.

Where can you find more information?

You can check out the following resources for more information on our data security measures, privacy policies and for tools that we use.