A new side menu item is now available called 'Reporting'. This is split into 2 tabs:

  1. Users - Here you can run queries against your CRM to filter on data such as the create date, and last edit date, or to show Users in specific Secure Zones. You can then perform bulk actions - delete or assign to Secure Zone.
  2. Cases - Here you can run queries against your Form Submissions. First pick a Form to report on, and you can filter on the submission date. It's then possible to bulk delete these items if you wish.

In both tabs you can choose the columns to show and export the report to CSV format.

File Manager

A update to our File Manager view. Here you can now do the following:

  • Delete files in bulk
  • Move files to a different folder
  • Rename a file
  • Copy the URL of a file

We've also changed the view to remove the 4 tabs at the top (Images, JS, CSS, Documents) to instead give you full access to the root assets folder.


CRM Owned Items - You can now view a User's owned WebApp items via a tab on the User Edit view

'Custom Array' field - A new field type for WebApps (soon to be added to Modules and CRM) where you don't need to predefine the choices in a dropdown. Instead you enter values unique to that item on the WebApp Item Edit view.

URL Redirect Code - You can now set a Redirect's HTTP status code, rather than all being the default of 302

Content Sections Moved - After partner feedback we have moved Content Sections from the Site manager sub menu to the CMS sub menu when within a site.

Bug fixes

Location fields - Fixed an issue where data couldn't be removed from Location fields on Modules or WebApp

Visual Editor Imagery - Fixed an issue where image editing wasn't working within Visual Editor

Side menu scroll - Fixed an issue where some items in the side menu would be unreachable as they went beyond the page scroll

CRM Import field consistency - Updated the 'Email Address' field names to match

Module version updates

To take advantage of some of these features above you'll need to read changelogs, and update these Modules:

System Files -
Menu - 1.0.7
Secure Zones - 1.2.3