Release of the Events module which enables you to schedule events ahead of time, limit the number of tickets available, charge for attendance to an event, define a location, integrate with calendars, integrate with google maps and more!

You can now install this module from the list of modules in Site Settings on any site.

Check out the module introduction doc for more info: Module - Introduction.

eCommerce - 0.10.0

Discount Codes - Add codes to take money off cart totals. These can be either a percentage or specific value. You can choose a minimum spend, and set a limit on how many times a code can be used. Find documentation here

Cart - Live updating - Functionality is now available to show cart updates without refreshing the page. Find documentation on how to apply this here. 

Products - Remove CFS - You can now remove a Custom Field Set from a Product by clicking the 'X' in the tab.

List views

Bulk Delete - You'll find that bulk deleting items is now available on WebApp and Module list views.

Remember 'per page' and filter value - Your 'per page' choice will be remembered for next time you visit a list view in Siteglide. Your text filter will also be remembered.

Showcase more data - More data is available in list views. This includes 'Enabled' on Pages, and 'Submissions' on Forms, as well as many more.


Forms - Case File data - Cases now show a link to the file a user uploaded.

Custom Field Sets - Field types - We've added support for Dropdown (Multi Item), Image, Date, and Datasource (Multi Item)


File Manager - Fixed an issue where a freshly uploaded file wasn't available in filter results

Pages - Updated the error message on duplicate slugs

Pages - Fixed a height issue on the Page Builder tab

Visual Editor - Fixed an issue with the heading font in full-screen mode

eCommerce - Attributes - Fixed an issue where duplicate Attributes were created on Products when saving