This week, a range of improvements to Admin

Plus, in Beta testing, we're adding eCommerce Shipping and White-labelled Login. The Beta feature CRM Export is updated to make it more consistent.

New Features

White-labelling - Agency Logos in AdminThis was trialled last week and has now entered the Core Product. This means your Agency Logo will appear for Clients visiting as soon as you've set it up.

Since its Beta Release, we've made improvements to the Logo's positioning, fixing the Bug reported on the Roadmap.


Form Cases - New design

Form Cases have had a make-over in the Admin. We hope you'll find the new design crisper and easier to use.


You can now:

  • Sort User List by Email Address
  • See ID and External ID in User Details

New Features in Beta Testing

eCommerce - Shipping Options(Module update to 0.9.3)

This feature standardises the way Siteglide eCommerce handles Shipping Options.

  • Admin Users can add and remove Shipping Options in the Admin under eCommerce/Shipping Options e.g. Free Delivery or Premium Delivery
  • You can output the options in your Cart with their own Layout
  • Once chosen, the Shipping Option will be saved alongside the customer's Cart and the price of shipping will be added to the total price displayed.
  • When an Order is made, the customer will pay for the price of Shipping and the option chosen will be displayed against their Order in the Admin.

Subscribe to updates on this feature on the Roadmap.Full documentation here

CRM Export - Updated to match Import columns and Formatting

We aim to make Imports and Exports as consistent as possible to make them easier to use. Updates have been made to CRM Exports to bring them in line with Imports.

Follow updates on this feature:

White-labelling - Login form

As mentioned earlier, the first phase of White-labelling, replacing the Siteglide Logo with your own Agency Logo, is now live.

The next phase is to allow you to White-label the login process for Admin. Rather than using our own Login screen, we're opening up a public API endpoint for it. This means you can add a Login form anywhere you like, such as your own website.You can find documentation with examples here

Bug Fixes

System Pages - Bug fix for Pages in XML and .txt format

A Bug was reported on Roadmap here where an error would sometimes occur when working with non-HTML based System Pages. We've fixed the root cause of this error.