Head over to status.siteglide.com where you can view the current status of Siteglide Services along with a historic log of any service issues over the previous 90 days.

How do we track our services?

We track one site on each Datacenter to determine if a service is down or up. Our system automatically runs these checks every 5 minutes.

A monitor that returns "down" will either be manually resolved by the Siteglide team, or our the monitor will resolve itself automatically. To resolve itself automatically, a monitor must reported a 2XX range HTTP response for over 1 minute to confirm that the service is fully operational.

platformOS and AWS (our technology partners) configure and monitor load balancers to moderate the amount of load on each website and in turn service. Both Siteglide Admin and Siteglide API also feature load balancing and features such as auto-recovery via their respective technology partners.

Siteglide Service Agreement

As per our EULA we operate a 99.9% monthly uptime service. This serves to ensure an exceptionally high level of service that reflects the enterprise grade infrastructure running on Amazon Web Services.

Below are links to the status pages for each monitoring service (AWS, platformOS and Siteglide):

We cannot be responsible for 3rd party outages but work with our suppliers to ensure they meet and exceed the 99.9% SLA.

We understand customers may wish to also run their own monitoring. The monitoring system should not be having a direct effect on the service so we would strongly recommend only running this on one website and no shorter than 5 minute intervals.