The Short Answer

With a CLI, we have full control over its functionality. This means we can make it work better for Agencies building sites on Siteglide.

The Long Answer

There are several reasons why we think a CLI is better for Siteglide projects than an FTP. We'll start with the most important one.

We can't use an FTP

Siteglide is built upon the good work done by our friends at platformOS, which in turn runs on AWS (Amazon Web Services). FTP is not supported by some of the AWS services we use e.g. Cloud Storage, so we are unable to use it.


With CLI, we can validate code sent to the site. This is especially useful if you are syncing Liquid or GraphQL code where there are fewer 3rd party tools for linting. If there is a problem we can pick up automatically- the sync will fail and an error message will try to help you find the problem.

Version Control

With Siteglide CLI we can keep track of the Code pushed to the Site from Admin and from local machines and make sure the Site always contains the most up to date pushes. It gives us scope to improve this functionality in the future.

Developer Tools

Other CLI commands like siteglide-cli graphql  and siteglide-cli logs provide developers with advanced tools that would not be available with an FTP.