You can use the following links to learn how to set up a Secure Page and the means to access it:


On a Page protected by a Secure Zone, you display a User's CRM data, allowing you to personalise content.

We provide several Liquid tags to allow you to mix and match which data you want to display;

  • user_details - this contains basic information like name and email address, as well as data stored in Custom Field Sets. You can also use this Layout as a container for the other Layouts below- or use any of them on their own. Learn more here.
  • user_form_submissions - this contains a record of all the Cases or Form Submissions this User has made on the Site. You can use this to help the User keep track of their communication with the Client. Learn more here.
  • user_secure_zones - this contains a record of the Secure Zones a User has access to. Learn more here.
  • user_orders - this contains a list of all of the eCommerce (Checkout) Orders a User has created. To learn more about this, see this Article on Cart, Checkout and Orders Flow.

Another place where you can output a limited amount of CRM data in a more public context is where a User has submitted a WebApp Item Front End. Using "creator", you can output the basics of the User who submitted the WebApp within the WebApp Layout. You have full control over this, allowing you to enforce your Client's Privacy Policy.

You may also be interested in Form Confirmation Pages which can provide detailed information to a User about the Form they have most recently submitted and Order Detail Views which provide a breakdown of an eCommerce Order within an email or Form Confirmation Page.