We want to reward agencies who commit to building multiple sites on Siteglide and our multipack discounts are a great way to earn an extra discount in the first year and give greater margins if you resell to clients.

NOTE: From 25th November 2022 until 30th November 2022 we have a Black Friday deal that supersedes these discounts and uses a new plan that's being trialled called Essential. There are only 10 available and we recommend taking advantage of it while it lasts. If you have any questions just reach out on Discord.

Our multipack discounts are for the first year of an annual subscription only and increase based on buying more sites at once:

To buy a 3 Pack please follow the link below and insert the code SG3P151QZEhttps://admin.siteglide.com/#/portal/billing/agency/multi-pack?p=3&d=t

To buy a 10 Pack please follow the link below and insert the code SG10P251WXShttps://admin.siteglide.com/#/portal/billing/agency/multi-pack?p=10&d=t

For any other combinations please contact us.

Full details:

  • Simply buy a Pack of sites on the Annual Static plan.
  • The discount applies for the 1st year.
  • Better still any upgrades are charged pro-rata at the discounted rate!

This works exactly the same way as Annual plans bar the following exceptions:

  1. When purchasing a Multipack you will be asked to select any existing sites to include, name any new sites or let us auto-generate the names.
  2. The Multipack of sites will be purchased upfront on the Annual Static plan and are charged individually (effectively X Annual plans starting at once)
  3. Each site will be available as a Live Site in the Siteglide Portal for you to build/migrate/import your client websites.
  4. The sites will automatically renew on the anniversary date, charging the next year’s hosting at the special discount (for the number of years advertised from the initial purchase date), unless cancelled or upgraded to a new annual hosting (see Usage, Upgrades, Downgrades and Cancellations).
  5. At any time, if you hit the usage limits or choose to upgrade to a higher plan the quoted discount will be honored on the upgraded annual plan.
  6. After any discount period ends the special pricing reverts to the pre-discount price (the discount will be removed).
  7. You cannot use the discounted sites for existing live sites (domains cannot be moved between sites).
  8. You cannot use the same site for multiple clients (domains cannot be removed and a new client domain added).
  9. Any promotions may be withdrawn at any time.
  10. Multipacks (also known as 3 or 10 Packs), Site Subscriptions and Upgrades are paid in full and are non-refundable.

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